Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have a dream and if it sounds crazy to everyone but me then today marks the starting point.I challenge myself to take a trip on uncharted waters.Wish me luck

Dana Air Plane Crash

And like all Nigerians, I have heard all sorts of news and stories about the Dana Air Crash!One thing that puzzles me though is why there is so much diparity in the reports.Some say the American captain survived but was later killed by flying shrapnel!!Some reports say everyone would have survived if the emergency services had arrived on time but only one news is sure and that is that 153 people perished on that flight. May their souls rest in peace.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So what happens now?I wanted it so badly and now that I have it, I'm not so sure if I can do it!!!!

Nothing , today has been a blur!!!Something ran across my ceiling at around 3 pm!!!I was terrified!!!Sounded like a jet landed on me roof (though at that time of the night, anything would sound like a BOOM!!!LOL!!!)and since then sleep has eluded me!!!I feel like I've been on some cheap drug all day!!!

Didn't even have time to catch up on latest gist on Mrs Waziri and her reluctant guests.Why is it that when big men and women fall, there are some who have a good time rejoicing over their calamity?Would we really have behaved any different if we happened to be in their own shoes/

Mr Skinny calls me up for a drink. I'm touched!! After actively chasing me for a year , he's still trying to shag me!!!In his dreams!!! Married men do nothing for me!!!

After watching an episode of Sex & the city,I'm beginning to get some funny ideas though, apparently one can slow the aging process by mixing in young men!!!LOL!!!

Seriously though, why do some single, confident,intelligent women still take BS from some crusty old guy when she could have fresh cream guys?

I'm about to start a movement called "Catch them young?".Men have no qualms about it so why should I?I just haven't figured out the perfect hunting ground!!Watch this space!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What the heck!!!

So there I am about to have a great day.I get into semi argument with one subordinate, another tosses in his letter of resignation!!Can I be that bad a boss!!!

Ha, ha!!!Well, I open the papers and there they are, the former bank MDs currently staying at Hotel EFCC courtesy the chief hostess Farida Waziri.I heard a rumour( notice I said RUMOUR) that some banks gave a generous donation to stop Sanusi nomination to the CBN.Seems they had an inkling that this guy would be a radical!!!

I hear something about Northern Agenda!!!Does that mean that they are being set up or does it mean that they are guilty but only the North would think of accusing them?If the North was so keen on the Banking Industry , surely they could have raised enough money during the consolidation era??

I do not pretend to know it all but as a person who has seen families devastated by bank failure in the recent past and revelations of how the failed bank directors misappropriated depositors funds, I really think it is time we know the whole truth otherwise I'm going to dig a hole in my yard and keep my dough there, with the cr*p that is happening in the banks, it may just be a safer option!!!!

** Excuse any grammatical bensons!!!Tired!!!!